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Audit Submissions

Audit Submissions

Recent Audit submissions to parliamentary inquiries

Inquiry into the 2010 federal election: The Audit made PDF) to the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters inquiry into the 2010 federal election, focusing on four main issues: the implementation status of the electoral reform green papers issued by the Australian government in December 2008 and September 2009; the disturbingly high number of electors who are ‘missing’ from the electoral roll; the inadequacy of the current laws and practices relating to the funding and disclosure regime of political campaign finances; and the undesirability of the growing divergence between the Commonwealth and some states’ laws and procedures governing roll construction and the regulation of campaign finance.

ACT political finance inquiry: In March 2010 the Audit’s Norm Kelly and Marian Sawer made a detailed (PDF) to the ACT Legislative Assembly’s inquiry into campaign finance reform, which is being conducted by the SCJJJ

Victorian by-election inquiry: In August 2009 the Audit made a submission to the Parliament of Victoria’s Electoral Matters Committee inquiry into the 2008 Kororoit District by-election.

Donations inquiry: Members of the Democratic Audit gave evidence to the Joint Select Committee on Electoral Matters’ inquiry into the Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Political Donations and Other Measures) Bill 2008 in Canberra on 22 September 2008. The committee endorsed the Bill with minor amendments.

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  • JSCEM’s inquiry report is available

Parliament of Victoria’s Electoral Matters Committee: Inquiry into Political Donations and Disclosure

  • Read the Audit’s July 2008 submission

Citizenship: the Audit view… The Democratic Audit of Australia made a submission to the Woolcott committee reviewing the Citizenship Test. The Audit submission argues that if a test is to be retained it should be an oral one, dealing solely with the rights and responsibilities of being an Australian citizen.

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Joint Select Committee on Electoral Matters Inquiry into the 2007 Federal Election

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Federal government’s 20/20 Summit

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NSW Parliamentary Hearing on Party Finance

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