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Which Audit Tool is Best for People new to SEO

Good SEO starts with a an audit. Understanding what is right with your website and what is wring with it helps you to establish a baseline vs benchmark comparison. What is the baseline vs benchmark? It is the determination of the gap between where you are currently and where you need to be in order to capture the high ranking positions of those businesses who sit above you in the keyword rankings for those terms that are desirable to your business.

What does the Audit tell you?

A good SEO audit will inform you of the issues on your website. They will cover everything from the 3 pillars of SEO. The 3 pillars of SEO are the categories of major considerations that will affect your ability to rank.

Architecture – Site audits will tell you if you and of your title tags, your meta descriptions or your heading tags are either missing, duplicated or are of an incorrect length – too long or too short. Within the architecture category, a good site audit tool will also inform you of things like your page speed score, whether your website is mobile friendly and how strong is your usage of schema markup which is a crucial element for success in 2019.

Content – Site audits will tell you if you have content that is duplicated on your site, or whether the content is deemed too thin (not long enough to be considered to add value to the visitors search for information.

Links – Site audit tools will examine the profile of links that are pointing signals to and from (external) and within (internal) your website. They will tell you if the links are broken or if they are missing crucial information such as anchor text which is the words that are visible to search engines when they look at the link and make a presumption of the information and relevance of the connectivity between two different pages of information – whether they are both on your site or one is on your site and the other is on another site. To learn more about backlinks and site audits then visit SearchButlers Melbourne – an SEO agency that can teach you all you need to know about backlinks and site audits.

What does the audit tool not tell you?

Site audit tools are scraper robots that can only examine what is on your website and tell you if things are missing that should be there. It cannot tell you of the quality of any of the content as it is not a subjective exercise.

That is why it is so important to use the tool for the purposes that it is intended – as an assist to highlight weaknesses in your website because of errors or missing information. If you do not look into the quality of the information and make a personal and subjective assumption of its value then you will be likely hindered in your progress. …

Auditing Equal Employment Opportunities in Gender Specific Industries

The democrats and liberals across the western world are pushing hard in 2019 to ensure the equal opportunities of everyone regardless of race colour or background. Disabilities should not hinder the accessibility to fair opportunities as a concept is something that most right minded people would get on board with but what happens if rules are in place for all organizations to not prejudice individuals for the opportunities to work within those businesses but that the businesses are setup to meet the needs of certain individuals by providing services that only certain types of individuals can fulfill?

It is a ticking time bomb until the day when all organizations have to abide by the same equal opportunities and then people that have no role to play in certain job requirements decide to sue those organizations that deem them inappropriate.

To give a couple examples, if you were a female trying to get employment at as a male stripper and was turned down for the role because you didn’t meet the genetic criteria that the customers of who were searching for someone who as the name suggests was a male then there is a problem. Similarly, if you were to turn down a blind man who applied for the role of a driving instructor then he was to sue that business for not offering equal opportunities to all people regardless of disability we have a problem. This may sound crazy but this is a plausible scenario that could easily play out if the rhetoric of the liberals and democrats across the world were to start to come to fruition. At some point here needs to be some common sense in the conversation about how far do we take equal opportunities before it gets our of hand.

Of course common sense is a subjective thing and in a world as polarized as we currently find ourselves, common sense is something that is not commonly seen on either side of the political debate. Lets hope that in the not to distant future, that some level of middle ground can be found or else we will all be forced to learn football from a paraplegic, be taught sign language by a man with no arms and how to build a house by a dog! Stranger things have happened.…

Democratic Audit 2015

23 FEBRUARY 2015

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